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Date: 20-Mar-2021


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Detail page crash 20-Feb-1944

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CrashID 655
Date 20-Feb-1944
Time 5:40
Location Paal
Airplane Avro
Type / model Lancaster II
Serial number LL720
Registration number EQ-R
Group RCAF Bomber Command
Squadron 408 RCAF
Base Linton-on-Ouse (UK)
Mission Bombardementsvlucht op Leipzig
Target Stad Leipzig
Crew Piloot F/Lt Elmer Stanley WINN RCAF J8840 KIA
Navigator F/O James Richard LEAMAN RCAF J24215 KIA
Bommenr. John Raymond BONNEVILLE RCAF J25732 KIA
Radio/schutter f/Sgt Reginald
Herbert WADE RCAF J86403 KIA
Boordschutter Sgt Eldore DRAMNITZKI RCAF R181982 KIA
BWTK Sgt. Ellis William BOLT RAF 642443 KIA
Boordschutter T/Sgt. Norman Henry Hanbridge BROWN USAAF 10601604 KIA
Cemeteries E.S. WINN 23jr Schoonselhof 4A-3-77
J.R. LEAMAN Schoonselhof 4A-3-79
J.R. BONNEVILLE 23jr. Schoonselhof 4A-3-89
R.H.WADE 26jr. Schoonselhof 4A-3-71
E.DRAMNITZKI 22jr. Schoonselhof 4A-3-84
E.W.BOLT 24jr. Schoonselhof 4A-3-76
N.H.H.BROWN 21jr.Schoonselhof 4A-3-78. Later naar Neuville en Condroz (Belgie)
Brief description of the crash Intercepted and shot down on returnflight from Leipzig. At 5:40 by Oberst Lt. E-W. von Bonin.
Crashed in flames killing whole crew. Location: wetlands Saeftinghe off the village of Paal. Initially buried near Deurne airbase (Antwerp) In 1946 relocated to Schoonselhof -Antwerp.
Extensive description of the crash (.pdf) pdf-logo 655-story.pdf pdf-logo-big
Extra documentation 655-burial list.jpeg
655-death registration.jpg
655-E. Dramnitzki ID card.jpeg
655-Eldore grave marker 1945.jpeg
655-Wade grave marker 1945.jpeg
655 graf Eldere Dramnitzki.jpeg
655-Elmer Stanley Winn graf.jpeg
655-James Richard Leaman graf.jpeg
655-John Raymond Bonneville graf.jpeg
655-Reginald Herbert Wade graf.jpeg
655-part of the Lancaster.jpeg
655-rear turret part Lancaster.jpg
655-recovery rear turret part.jpg
655-Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) Elmer Stanley Winn-1.jpg
655-Pilot Officer (Air Gnr.) Eldore Dramnitzke.jpg
655-Pilot Officer (W.Op.Air Gnr.) Reginald Herbert Wade.jpg
655-Flight Leutenant Elmer Stanley Winn Born May 24, 1920 Died February 22, 1944 Age 23 - Copy.jpg
655-Monument Paal.pdf
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.1.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.2.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.3.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.5.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.6.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.7.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.8.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.9.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.10.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.11.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.12.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.13.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.14.jpg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.16.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.17.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.18.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.19.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.20.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.21.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.22.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.23.jpeg
655-ceremony 9th nov 2019.jpeg
655-locatie Paal.jpeg
655-Program Paal November 9th 2019.pdf
655-QR Code.jpg
655-fly by ceremony 9th nov Paal.jpg
655-article newspaper Paal PZC.pdf
655-ZVA Hulst406.jpg
655-ZVA Page 2405.jpg
655-Eldore article from Kit Citizen.pdf

Article from march 2020 from Kit Citizen
Picture 1 foto 1
Picture 1 description Sgt Eldore Dramnitzki
Locatie on map kaartje
Picture 2 foto 2
Picture 2 description John Raymond Bonneville