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Date: 20-Mar-2021


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Detail page crash 31-May-1945

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CrashID 659
Date 31-May-1945
Time 14:00
Location Grote Henricuspolder noordelijk van Oostburg
Airplane B-26 Marauder
Type / model Marauder
Serial number 43-34395
Registration number Y-5-?
Group USAAF 344th BG
Squadron USAAF 495th BS
Base Florennes/Juzaine Belgie
Mission Gunnery practice
Target Schietoefening Blankenberge Noordzee
Crew 1/Lt. Harrell L. Foxx KIA
1/Lt. Richard E. Robinson KIA
2/Lt. John J. Dimitre KIA
2/Lt. Dom P. Malchiodi KIA
S/Sgt. James J. Dumm Jr. KIA
T/Sgt. John E. Doyle KIA
S/Sgt. Robert P. Stout KIA
Cemeteries 1/Lt. Harrell L. Foxx. Hij is begraven op Arlington National cemetery USA.
1/Lt. Richard E. Robinson.
2/Lt. John J. Dimitre.
2/Lt. Dom P. Malchiodi. Hij is begraven te Connecticut USA
S/Sgt. James J. Dumm Jr.
T/Sgt. John E. Doyle. Hij is begraven te New York USA.
S/Sgt. Robert P. Stout. Hij is begraven te North Carolina USA
Brief description of the crash The B-26 flew to Blankenberge Gunnery Range in the North Sea for splash gunnery practice. The gunner shot up his own aircraft! Four feet of the right horizontal stabilizer was shot off, a number of holes in the base of the vertical stabilizer and left stabilizer almost shot in two.
Lt.Foxx called he would land on the first available field, made a slight turn to the right at 1.000 feet, straightened out and almost immediately went into a sharp right turn apparently out of control, left stabilizer broke off, the B-26 nosed down, crashed and exploded.
Extensive description of the crash (.pdf) pdf-logo 659-story.1.pdf pdf-logo-big
Extra documentation 659- Henricusdijk Oostburg -2.jpg
659-berging engine.jpg
659-berging Vrije Zeeuw-1975-09-18.jpg
659-citizens and wreckage.jpg
659-De stem artikel berging B-26.jpg
659-gepantserd glas cockpit.jpg
659-Henricusdijk Oostburg.jpg
659-krant berging .jpg
659-krant berging.1.jpg
659-steel propeller blade B-26.1.jpg
659-steel propeller blade B-26.jpg
659-wreckage B-26.2.jpg

Met dank aan Johan Aers en stichting WW2 Research NL
Picture 1 foto 1
Picture 1 description 2/Lt Malchiodi
Locatie on map kaartje
Picture 2 foto 2
Picture 2 description Het wrak van de gecrashte B-26 43-34395.