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Date: 28-May-2022


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Detail page crash 14-Jun-1941

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CrashID 110
Date 14-Jun-1941
Time 02:30
Location Noordzee
Airplane Junkers
Type / model Ju 88C-2
Serial number 0785
Registration number R4 + IM
Group Luftwaffe
Squadron 4./NJG 2
Base Gilze-Rijen
Mission Intruder over England
Target Engeland
Crew Uffz Vitus Alt 60941/5 KIA
Unteroffizier Hans Suckow 60941/7 lot onbekend
Unteroffizier Erwin Korn 60941/6 KIA
Cemeteries Uffz Vitus Alt 60941/5 KIA. Begraafplaats onbekend.
Unteroffizier Hans Suckow 60941/7 lot onbekend
Unteroffizier Erwin Korn 60941/6 KIA. Begraafplaats onbekend.
Brief description of the crash This aircraft took off for operations over England on 13.06.41 at 23:00 hours. On return from this mission at 02:30 a.m. near the Island Schouwen off the Dutch coast the crew saw a dinghy with survivors from a ditched Heinkel He111 of 8./KG4. Vitus Alt started to circle the dinghy and Radio operator Hans Suckow sent an SOS message back to base. Almost immediately after the message was sent the low circling Ju 88's wing tip touched the water and in a flurry of spray the aircraft crashed into the sea to the disbelief to those in the dinghy. There were no survivors.
Extensive description of the crash (.pdf) pdf-logo 110-story.pdf pdf-logo-big
Picture 1 foto 1
Picture 1 description Unteroffizier Vitus Alt (via Aircrew Remembrance Society)
Locatie on map kaartje
Picture 2 foto 2
Picture 2 description Unteroffizier Vitus Alt during training (via Aircrew Remembrance Society)