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Date: 28-May-2022


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Detail page crash 04-Aug-1944

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CrashID 412
Date 04-Aug-1944
Time Onbekend/Unknown
Location Oosterschelde
Airplane Hawker
Type / model Typhoon IB
Serial number MN126
Registration number SF-
Group RAF Fighter Command 2TAF
Squadron 137 Sqdn RAF
Base Manston
Mission Om 07:05 uur stegen de eerste twee met SAP 60 lbs raketten bewapende toestellen op om schepen, die ter hoogte van Walcheren waren gesignaleerd, aan te vallen.
Target Walcheren omgeving
Crew F/O J. C. Holder J/25779 KIA
Cemeteries F/O James Caulfield Holder KIA. Hij is begraven te Vlieland begraafplaats plaats 73. Hij werd 22 jaar.
Brief description of the crash
Extensive description of the crash (.pdf) pdf-logo 412-story.pdf pdf-logo-big
Extra documentation 412-grave Holder.jpg
412-Holder J.C. MIA Ottawa Journal Aug. 31 1944.jpg
412-Holder J.C. D-card (Sept. 1975).jpg
412-4. MFlaA. 202 unit (Germ. Flak) at Domburg (Zld.) - local photo 1945 -.jpg
412-137 (Bomber Fighter) 'Horse Head' Sqdn. - badge 'Do Right Fear Naught' crest.jpg
412-aerial view of Vliehors (left) where his body was found, Sept. 11, 1944.jpg
412-burial place Holder.jpg
412-burial place.1.jpg
412-Drumbo railway station (Blenheim area, Ont., Can.) - where Holder likely said his father 'goodby'.jpg
412-Grave report Holder J.C.jpg
412-Holder Garden of Remem., Galt town (Cambridge city, Ont.) - main sculpture.jpg
412-Holder J.C. his father, John 'Jack' Richard (Holder), b. 1895 - d. 1978.jpg
412-Holder listed at 2nd Cenotaph (WW2 etc.) in his birth town of Galt (Cambridge city now), Ontario.jpg
412-Holder listed at 2nd Cenotaph (WW2 etc.) in his birth town of Galt (Ont.) - at front panel, left.jpg
412-Holder listed too in Book of Rem. (WW2) - page 337 (1944) - Mem. Chamber (Peace Tower) Ottawa.jpg
412-Holder remembrance CWGC.pdf
412-NL. caoster M.S. 'Globe' (photo Ao. 1938) - captured in 1941, armed etc. as Kriegsmarine 'SAT 12'.jpg
412-Private William Byron Holder, family of Holder, buried in Adegem Can. Cem. (B.) gr. III.A.9 (dl.) -.pdf
412-Holder remembrance CWGC.pdf

412-CWGC Grave Reg. Report Form.jpg
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