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Date: 28-May-2022


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Detail page crash 06-Oct-1944

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CrashID 449
Date 06-Oct-1944
Time Onbekend/Unknown
Location Schoondijke
Airplane Supermarine
Type / model Spitfire IX
Serial number MH777
Registration number SR-W
Group RAF Fighter Command 2TAF
Squadron 33 Sqdn RAF
Base Carpiquet Fr
Mission Armed recce. Beschietingen vijandelijke doelen
Target Omgeving Zeeland
Crew W/O G. J. Roney 417113 RNZAF KIA
Cemeteries W/O Georg James Roney KIA. Hij is begraven te Schoondijke begraafplaats plaats 303B. Hij werd 22 jaar.
Brief description of the crash
Extensive description of the crash (.pdf) pdf-logo 449-story.pdf pdf-logo-big
Extra documentation 448-33 Sqn Authorisation Sheets October 1944.docx
448-33 Sqn OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK Oct 1944.docx
448-AIR 27_370_17 Oct 1944 Daily Diary.pdf
448-AIR 27_370_18 Oct 1944 Flying Autho Sheets.pdf
448-Biografie Roney.jpg
448-brief Gemeente Schoondijke.jpg
448-George Roney last day log 6.10. 1944 A.pdf
448-George Roney log September 1944 A.pdf
448-George Roney log September 1944 B.pdf
448-in memory George Roney CWGC.pdf
448-info Roney; My ANZAC_Uncle George by Rowena Summers.docx
448-letter Dutch Police.1.jpg
448-letter Dutch Police.jpg
448-letter Macdonald fiend pilot.1.jpg
448-letter Macdonald friend pilot.jpg
448-letter recovery body Roney.1.jpg
448-letter recovery body Roney.2.jpg
448-letter recovery body Roney.jpg
448-letter SL Mathhew.1.jpg
448-letter SL Matthew.1.docx
448-letter SL Matthew.jpg
Roney part 1.pdf
Roney part 2.pdf
Roney part 3.pdf
Roney part 4.pdf
Roney part 5.pdf
Roney part 6.pdf
Roney part 7.pdf
Roney part 8.pdf
Roney part 9.pdf
Roney part 10.pdf

Written by Dave Stewart for the 33Sqn Association 'Loyalty' Newsletter and the Roney family.

449-grave Roney.3.gif
449-grave WO Roney.1.gif
449-WO Roney.13.jpg
449-grave WO Roney.gif
449-WO Roney.2.jpg
449-WO Roney.3.jpg
449-WO Roney.4.jpg
449-WO Roney.5.jpg
449-WO Roney.6.jpg
449-WO Roney.7.jpg
449-WO Roney.8.jpg
449-WO Roney.9.jpg
449-WO Roney.10.jpg
449-WO Roney.11.jpg
449-WO Roney.12.jpg

Informatie via Gemeente Sluis
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Locatie on map kaartje
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