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Date: 28-May-2022


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Detail page crash 01-Jan-1945

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CrashID 471
Date 01-Jan-1945
Time 10:15
Location Goes
Airplane Focke Wulf
Type / model Fw 190D-9
Serial number 210193
Registration number Weisse 7
Group Luftwaffe
Squadron 5./JG 26
Base Nordhorn
Mission Bodenplatte
Target Aanval op Brussel-Evere Vliegveld (B56).
Crew Uffz Ernst Lampferhoff POW
Cemeteries NVT
Brief description of the crash On a low level flight back after attack on Brussels-Evere airfield he was hit by AA from ships on the Westerschelde. Pulled up to 850 meters and parchuted. Captured by Canadians. A/c crashed near Goes(Zuid Beveland)
Extensive description of the crash (.pdf) pdf-logo 471-story.pdf pdf-logo-big
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