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Date: 30-Mar-2018


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Wings to Victory - Abbreviations

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Abbreviation Meaning
AAA Anti Aircraft Artilley
AEAF Allied Expeditionary Air Forces
ALA Armée de l'Air
BF Bordfunker
BG USAAF Bomber Group United States Army Air Force
BO Beobachter
BS USAAF Bomber Squadron United States Army Air Force
BS Bordschütze
EVD Evaded
FF Flugzeugführer
FFAF Free France Air Force
F/O Flight Officer
F/LT Flight Lieutenant
F/SGT Flight Sergeant
FW Feldwebel
GEFR Gefreiter
HPT Hauptmann
JG Jagdgeschwader
KG Kampfgeschwader
KIA Killed in Action
KTB Kriegs Tage Buch
LG Lehrgeschwader
LT (UK/USAAF) Lieutenant
LT (German) Leutnant
1/LT First Lieutenant
2/LT Second Lieutenant
MAA Marine Artillerie Abteilung
MACR Missing Air Crew Report
MAJ Major
MC Medium Capacity
MFA Marine Flak Abteilung
MFLA Marine Flak Abteilung
MIA Missing In Action
NJG Nachtjagdgeschwader
NVT Niet Van Toepassing
OFHR Oberfähnrich
OFW Oberfeldwebel
ORB Operations Record Book
OGEFR Obergefreiter
PAF Polish Air Force
POW Prisoner Of War
P/O Pilot Officer
RCM Radio Counter Measures
RAAF Royal Australian Airforce
RAF Royal Air Force
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
SGT Sergeant
SOE Special Operation Executive
S/SGT Staff Sergeant
S/L Squadron Leader
SQDN Squadron
UFFZ Unteroffizier
USAAF United States Army Air Force
WIA Wounded In Action
ZG Zerstörergeschwader